The O&P Check-in: an SPS Podcast

Our Favorite Episodes of 2023!

February 14, 2024 SPS Season 3 Episode 2
The O&P Check-in: an SPS Podcast
Our Favorite Episodes of 2023!
Show Notes

New year, new season of The O&P Check-in! In this episode, Brendan and Jacki take a look back on the last two years of podcasting and highlight some of their favorite interviews. 


Many thanks to this episode’s sponsor, WillowWood! Explore the META Family of prosthetic feet today. 


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Jacki & Brendan’s favorite podcasts: 

New Heights with Jason & Travis Kelce

Cover 3 Podcast

Hardcore History


Mentioned in this episode: 

What is the Starfish TMR Procedure? With Dr. Bryan Loeffler | OrthoCarolina

Restoring Mobility, One Pet at a Time | Angela Boncz, CTPO, Specialized Pet Solutions 

Aligning Your Team with Aaron Sorensen, MBA, CPO, LPO | Restorative Health Services

Additive Manufacturing with Brent Wright, CP, BOC/O    

The Multi-generational Family Business Dynamic with Rachel Friddle, CPO   

Inventory Management and O&P Purchasing with Michael Shanks, Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics 

So Kids Can Move Initiative with Nicole Ver Kuilen, Travis Ricks, and Jamie Brown

SOAP Notes in O&P | The What, Why, and How with Jessica Norrell, CPO

How O&P Clinicians Can Prevent and Recover Denials from Payors | Lesleigh Sisson, CFo, CFm

Dealing with Missed Appointments with John Brinkmann, MA, CPO/L, FAAOP(D)

O&P Employee Accommodations While Pregnant | 2021 SPS Scholarship Recipient Sophia Mancini   

Upper Extremity Patient Care with Amy Ginsburg, CPO 

Agile Orthopedics Mobile O&P Care with Eric Neufeld, CPO, FAAOP

Managing a Family-Owned O&P Clinic with Frank & Melissa Snell, Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics   

Burnout Survey Results & How to Mitigate Stress with Gerry Stark from Ottobock

Osseointegration with Kurt Collier, CP



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